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8 October 1979
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Experiments should be performed only with adult supervision, and all appropriate safety precautions should be taken. All directions should be followed exactly, and no substitutions should be used.

...so, this is it. My LJ. Tell your friends! Tell your nose! Even tell your friend's nose!

I mainly write about political stuff, even though I'll gladly talk about other stuff as it comes up. (I am a registered Democrat, but am a bit more centrist than John Kerry. PC'ness is bad, Affirmative Action has lived past its prime, and workers' unions are in danger of doing the same. See? I'm not a lockstep liberal. I just bash Billow and Ann Coulter like one. :) )

Other than that, there are the likes below, and there's other, hidden stuff I like. Discover one of them, and get a cyber-cookie. Mmmmmm, cyber-cookies...

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