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The ramblings of a fan of obscurity..., those of you who have seen my userinfo know I have an actress as an interest. Jewel Staite, who is, of course, quite wonderful in any role she plays, I have known since Flash Forward, so don't think this is just a Firefly thing. She brought me to Firefly, not the other way 'round.

Anyhoo, another one of my favorite actresses reared her pretty little curly-haired head at me the other day. Her name? Senta Moses.

On Tuesday, I come to find that she now has her own personal website. It's pretty recent; two months old, if that. I know this because Google has not picked it up yet. But now I must do my part in aiding Google in putting it on top, so here it is. (When I posted the same info on, I did not give the address, due to the tremendous amount of spambots present there. LJ, I believe, has far fewer. Besides, from the number of comments on this LJ, it is quite likely that you may be the only one lookin' at this entry. Besides me, of course.)

Now, I shall post more behind an LJ-cut, because I fear it's gonna run long:

Looking at the website (and the very fine pics of her therein), I see she's joined an improv troupe and actually attempting to produce a movie. I hope I can see the movie someday, but as for improv, I'm probably gonna have to live vicariously through someone who lives in EllAy (or win the lottery so I can jet out there myself). Because, for some reason I cannot really pinpoint, I...have...GOT IT for this girl. (I say girl, but she's older than I am. Strange.)

Well, that's sort of a fib, because I do think I know why my gut gets bunched up every time I see her: Saturation. Senta doesn't have that. Jewel does, if only recently (through Firefly). Because of this, the gut-bunching on Jewel has died down a lot (though there are moments, like the last scene between Kaylee and Simon in Serenity). But, since Senta has not achieved that saturation, that gut-bunching remains, because it really is so rare to see her on any screen. (Well, rarer than most, but Beakman's World coming back does help a bit in that regard. At least, for me, it will when the local station gets to Phoebe...)

But a side effect of not achieving saturation (or achieving it recently) is that one does have to wade through some...shall we say...subpar fare to get to what one wants. I will admit it, I will watch something I don't normally watch just to see Senta Moses in it. I don't watch teen dramas, but I've seen the MSCL eps "Life of Brian", "Betrayal", and "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" (the only three with her in it). I don't watch Everybody Loves Raymond, except for "The Sitter" (she's the sitter). And I have never seen a Sister Sister episode outside of Season 5 (where she's the "token white chick", which was previously held by the likes of Brittany Murphy). Other stuff I can't watch, 'cuz it's pretty much unavailable (when In2TV gets around to putting up the Kirk bowling ep, I'm so there...she's on the other team). I do do this for Jewel as well, but as I said, she has achieved saturation. (Which really is not a bad thing, by the way.)

But these are things I don't usually watch, but are considered by many people to be at least passable in quality. This is gonna sound bad, and if she ever reads this, she's probably not gonna like me for it, but it has to be said -- I have watched some pretty crappy movies just to see Senta in them. Now, I don't begrudge her taking the roles in these bad movies--after all, she does have to eat. (And despite all the Hollywood stars, the average actor in Hollywood makes no more than you or I do. Well, you anyway. I make considerably less.) But watching these movies...well, it's like putting your arm in horse manure to find the nugget of gold that someone dropped in it. Like I said, It's been like this for Jewel as well (Widow on the Hill, anyone?). But she is the modest nugget of gold, one that's worth a lot, but everybody will eventually have one. Senta, for me...well, she's that really rare variety. The kind that really glitters and sparkles. The one that will really only be appreciated long after it's found. To mix our precious jewels, she's like a diamond that isn't that valuable until you take a good, hard look at it. Then, she's priceless.

And you're sitting there, after watching that really bad D Movie...covered in sweat and shit from the big pile of horse dookey...and you have the gold or the diamond in your hand, and it was all worth it.

Here endeth the revue. We will return you to your Bush-bashing normal host in the next entry.

But in the meantime, if you're in EllAy, head out to the iO West on Saturday and watch Danger Danger, the improv troupe Senta's in. You'll definitely be glad you did.

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