Grev (ilgreven) wrote,

Spreadin' the love like the rain..., yep, it's that time of the season I acknowledge this thing again...though this time it's mostly for gushing about Senta Moses.

First of all, I decided to go through my YouTube likes and pick out videos that feature Senta. It isn't very many right now, and it probably will get a few of them DMCA'd, I know, but it is now the second thing that pops up when you do a video search of Senta on Google or YouTube. But if you don't wanna search, it's right here. Among the better ones are the BTS feature of the "Mac Cam" from Home Alone, and a Beakman's World blooper reel that was shown in Brazil, of all places!

And second, Senta hasn't been idle at all. She's committed to the MTV show "Faking It" (which, I think, will shoot its order in January in time for its premiere in April, but don't hold me to that). And she recently did a nice photo shoot with a friend, Justine Joy. You might wanna remember that name if you want pictures taken in LA, because she makes he subjects look really good...and Senta is no exception. Here's a link to Senta's gallery on Facebook (which I think is just getting started). It's called "A Rainy Day", which Senta combats by rockin' the rain boots.

Well, with that blip done, I'm pretty much off. I don't know when I'll be back for 2014, but I may be making the resolution to write more. Stay tuned!
Tags: senta
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