Grev (ilgreven) wrote,

Firing it up again..., I'm back again, after a short hiatus.  What's happened since then?

Well, summer has come, and summer has gone, and I still haven't found steady employment.  I got a bit hopeful with the local nonprofit and the local big box, but nothing came through.  I think I might try and make a few music videos (with my own music, of course, starting with a little bit of chiptune action) and put them up on Youtube for a tiny sliver of revenue and a few options...

Meanwhile, my mother is mostly cancer-free. the radiation etc. went well, and they can't find anything malignant.  Now, it's mostly just checkups and tests three days a week, but hopefully this means it won't be cancer that kills her.  She turned 67 at the beginning of August, and since then all I've said was "now we can negotiate." I don't know if she'll make it to 70, but that sounds like a good starting point.

In other funny little family news, my sister-in-law bought a used van...and two weeks later, its power steering went kaput.  Luckily, she had not sold her car yet, so she's okay on kid transportation...but this is a case of "let the buyer beware!"  At the very least, it did put a small dent in her full-blown fiber and knitting from home business.  She put up a post at GoFundMe to help her buy something called a drum carder for that purpose.  It hasn't gotten anything yet, but she's hopeful, and so I pass the link on here. Help her out!

And, of course, to wrap this up, there's a little news on Senta Moses, whom I find it easier to get information on since she's gotten on Twitter. A month ago she shot a pilot for MTV for a show that's right now called "Faking It", created by a former Greek writer, Carter Covington.  It stars an Idol, a Bunhead, a werewolf, a GBF, and a relative newbie.  Yes, it's set in a high school, but this time, Senta's not a student: She's the principal. Yes, that's right, a position of authority.  Let's hope this one gets picked up.

And finally, hey, whoever is apparently online stalking Senta (which I kinda, sorta, had to get confirmation that it wasn't me...but I think I'm fine, 'cuz I don't even know any of her personal addresses) might want to read this thing I wrote a couple of years ago about why you're a stalker and not just a fan, all right?

Well, that's all from me...see you the next time I remember this thing exists...
Tags: entertainment, personal, senta
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