Grev (ilgreven) wrote,

Back in the saddle..., been a while. Here are the happening updates:

1. My computer went squish in early February, and started doing a "blue screen at and/or during startup" thing. One of my buddies (the guy who built the computer) has been trying as hard as he can not to do the drastic thing and wipe the hard drive, but that means putting every single part on the trip to get tested for errors. For me, this means a few nice service charges, plus a new memory card, since he tried to use that as a stopgap while the current one was tested...and it turned out that didn't work, either. He says the hard drive boots just fine on his own test computer; I am starting to be skeptical. Luckily for me, those service charges can be paid for with Magic: The Gathering cards, since he plays, but otherwise, if the final part (the processor) is just fine, I'm probably going to tell him to get as much off the HD as possible, then reformat. If it's gonna have to be, it's gonna have to be. For the time being, I'm splitting time between my parents' computer and their laptop. The laptop in particular is bringing back bad memories of Windows XP...

2. Meantime, my mother has been battling cancer. That meant a surgery on one leg to remove a few lymph nodes a few months ago. Turns out "a few" was more like "a dozen", and she's been battling a swollen leg for those months. She wanted to get a second opinion, but she also didn't want to shell out thousands of dollars for it (when she was using a local college's hospital which accepted Medicare), so last week she went in for a surgery to remove a few lymph nodes from her other leg. This one went better, though she's now turning into an old woman before my eyes. There really isn't too much I can do for her except hope and help, which I will continue to do.

3. In my 2nd-favorite-person news, Senta Moses has re-joined the ranks of Twitter. Unfortunately, after she quit the first time, some squatter took over the twitter handle she used the first time and started throwing up WWE retweets or something, and not actually tweeting anything. After it became apparent that this guy (and I'm betting it's a guy) has nothing to do with Senta, I promptly forgot about it. That does mean Senta had to take another twitter handle, so she took another, adding her middle initial. Which means you can find her @SentaMMoses. I trust that this is her, like the last time, because of who is following her; specifically, Dilshad Vadsaria from Greek.

4. ...I don't have a 4...or anything else really relevant at this time, so I guess I'll build up for another coupla months, and by then I'll have my own computer back again, for better or worse. See you then!
Tags: computer, personal, senta, twitter
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