Grev (ilgreven) wrote,

Just a bit of gushin'..., since the last time I updated this thing was political, today I'll gush a little bit. It'll probably be short, though. Quite a bit of Senta Moses news has come across the desk (but not enough, never enough for me), so let's delve!

First, in actual, physical Senta stuff, she participated in yet another blast with the douchebags from DVD PodBlast. Listen to her, them, and three other ladies tear Twilight: Breaking Dawn apart here. And she didn't even hear any of the dialogue, and still tore it a new a-hole. Second, from said Blast, recorded last weekend, she revealed that she'll be on The Mentalist in an ep she shot this week...which means it'll be airing sometime in January, probably. Before that, though, and third, she can be seen on an episode of Rizzoli & Isles airing in December. And, with those two series, plus an ep of Bones and Castle under her belt, we're just a couple of episodes away from being able to have an all-day TNT marathon featuring only her least, when she hits it really big!

...and that's all. See you whenever...hopefully with one less Romney to worry about holding the button.

EDIT: And now a week later, I see that the IMDb has her part in The Mentalist up...and it looks like it's going to beat her Rizzoli & Isles ep to air by a week or two (she shot her R&I ep in September).
Tags: senta, television
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