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Dancing...with films..., I'm rooting around the selections for the Dances with Films festival because...well, see last entry; we don't have to mention her again...and I found two other interesting films that will be playing there that pertain to some of my interests. The first one pertains to another internet movie group; the other pertains to my general geographical location.

The first film is called Fuzz Track City, a "comic neo-noir thriller fueled by an eclectic retro-rock soundtrack." And it happens to star a member of the Film Pigs; namely, Todd Robert Anderson. As the links say, the film screens June 4th at 7:15.

The second film is a baseball movie...called Gibsonburg. It is based on a true story from my own neck of the woods. In 2005, the Gibsonburg High School baseball team went a paltry 6-17 in their league schedule. The way Ohio high school baseball is set up, however, every team gets into the state tournament. How does a team take advantage of that? Why, win eight straight games and win the state championship, of course! To date, the 2005 Gibsonburg baseball team is the only high school team in any state in any sport to win a state championship with a losing record. This film, far more than the other two that I have my eye on, will likely be shown in a theater that is easily accessible to me. But first, it makes its world premiere out in LA on June 5th at 2:45 PM.

So, there you have it. If you're out there in LA next week, you've got three pretty good reason to attend this festival and catch a few indie movies!
Tags: entertainment, movies, personal
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