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Comin' out of hibernation..., hey! This is still here! Lemme update it with...stuff:

1. I, unfortunately, no longer have a job at The Vortex. And it's because my manual dexterity is not the greatest. It seems to me that factory work is probably not my forte...yet the only things people who are helping me hunt want me to do are factory jobs...

2. Meantime, I got another round of jury duty. This time, it's one day every two weeks for the whole's the Grand Jury. Thankfully for me, I'm an alternate, so I'll only be there more than 15 minutes when they need someone to fill in. My only real comment is this: If the only time you've ever been in a courtroom is for jury duty, count yourself extremely lucky.

3. Sports roundup: First, the Browns' draft. Other than the first round, I think they had a pretty solid draft. It's not gonna get 'em anywhere this season, but it has potential. As for the first round, they got suckered by the Vikings into overvaluing Trent Richardson, then they got suckered by their fans into thinking they need a new QB RIGHT DAMN NOW! And they took the oldest 1st round pick in Draft history. They got their bright, shiny new gun...and the only bullet they got for him was Travis Benjamin, who some draft sites predicted would get on his team by being a return man. ...Not in Cleveland he won't. Oh, and they're seriously thinking of tossing away their old gun. ...that gong sound you hear is the first death knell of the Holmgren era in Cleveland. And it won't be the last.

4. To the Cubs. Their current season was to be expected: New manager, new GM, best hitters gone. There have been a few pleasant surprises: The top 3 in the rotation have performed admirably (despite Ryan Dempster's inability to get a win, and one would not think Jeff Samardzija and "admirably" would be in the same sentence), Bryan LaHair has just been destroying right-handers (now, if he can only do the same to lefties), and Tony Campana has proven that the Cubs' trading Marlon Byrd was the right move. Of course, you've got to balance that with the bad. The bullpen is probably the worst in baseball right now. Kerry Wood is done. Carlos Marmol just isn't closer material (though Rafael Dolis is not the answer, either), and the only arm out of the pen worth anything is James Russell. Other bad areas: Chris Volstad should not be on a Major League roster, most of the starting lineup can't hit: Geovany Soto is about to get replaced by Steve Clevenger, Alfonso Soriano is now officially the load, and Ian Stewart ain't no Aramis Ramirez. This is definitely a rebuilding-type club, but some of the younger guys seem promising (Clevinger, Campana, and Castro the most so).

5. And speaking of Chicago, y'all know I couldn't go through my first post in 3 months without mentioning Senta Moses. 'Course, there hasn't been too much about her going on in those three months, but a couple of things happened in the last couple of days. First, "10 Years Later" has been picked up for distribution by Indican Pictures (I'm guessing for a DVD distribution, though it doesn't look like it's available for sale yet). Of interest are a few nice movie stills that I hadn't seen before. If you're a Senta fan (and why the hell are you reading this if you aren't?), you might think Indican is a bit familiar, and it is: They also distribute another film that Senta was in, the 2003 movie Scream Queen.

6. The second bit o' Senta news: Another movie she's in, "Love, Gloria," will have a showing at the Dances with Films festival on June 7. This is the same festival that "10 Years Later" won an Audience Award at last year, though the venue is different: This year it'll be at the Chinese 6 theaters at Hollywood & Highland. (Look at me talking about LA as though I've ever actually been there...thank you Google Maps!) Up until a few weeks ago, there wasn't a whole lot of info about the movie, but now we know the plot: A former child star gets kidnapped, and hijinks ensue when her manager uses the kidnapping to revive her career rather than, y'know, rescue her. Nick Scown, the director/writer/producer, has put up the trailer on his Youtube page. Which does have Senta in it, and it looks like her role is to be pitch-girl to the sleazy manager's revival plans. It also seems she'll be talking on the phone quite a bit in this one. It does, however, give her a chance to act with an adult who's shorter than she is...even if it only is over the phone. (The manager is played by Danny Woodburn, who's only a little bit behind Verne Troyer and Peter Dinklage in the "famous little person actor" department. Not to be confused with Danny Woodhead, who's only short in relation to other football players...)

7. And finally, to Castle (SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!): You've satisfied the shippers. Now let's see if you can actually write a good storyline to extricate everyone from this predicament.

'Till next time...whenever that is...
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