Grev (ilgreven) wrote,

Getting the spark back..., it once again has been awhile since I've updated this thing.

But I wanted to tell you about an insane game of Magic I played today...against a bot.

I was playing Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, with the "Trinity of Elements" deck (the one on the 3rd Deck Pack expansion, with Riku of Two Reflections as the avatar), against Garruk Wildspeaker's deck. Our critters eventually got mired in a logjam anyone in Los Angeles would be proud of. On top of this, we both had lifegainers: His two Grazing Gladeharts versus my three Essence Wardens. I was keeping my side of the ground stall alive with Rakka Mar, while he kept the critters coming and coming. I actually kept whiffing on playables otherwise, only hitting land or ways to get land for about 6 or 7 turns in a row (including three straight Rampant Growths, which are not welcome in the late game). So, here I am, at 119 life (no, that's not a typo...I was at a hundred and nineteen life), him at 51, I'm realizing I'm probably going to deck out...

...and then he casts Overrun and alpha strikes, with only a summoning sick Terra Stomper and a Wall of Vines holding down the fort.

I do a quick calculation of the power coming at me...and click "Skip Blocking". I take the 80 damage and drop to 39.

So now, my turn. My board consists of three Essence Wardens, a couple of Rip-Clan Crashers, a Man-o'-War, a Farhaven Elf, a Bloodbraid Elf, a Gaea's Revenge, a Primal Forcemage, Rakka Mar, 12 Elemental Tokens, two Ronin War Clubs, and a Fires of Yavimaya. The quick tally didn't look good, but...Rakka Mar makes an Elemental. I gain 3 life, he goes from 3/1 to 10/6 after all the hay is made, and I Alpha Strike. My own quick calculations told me that I'd be one damage short of killing Garruk (after the big Elemental and Revenge were taken out of the equation)...if it weren't for the Fires of Yavimaya. 52 damage on that final strike wins me the game...and since I haven't fully unlocked the deck yet, it earns me a nice Simic Sky Swallower for my troubles. And this deck sorely needs the air beats. Meanwhile, this sure does help me try and make a swing of things in the real world cardflopping scene...just need to find a place to play...

That's it for now.

Wait, no it isn't, 'cuz there is a Senta Moses interview coming up tonight at 6 PM...with the same ring rowdies from last time over at Cloverleaf Radio. That would be right here on your BlogTalkRadio dial.
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