Grev (ilgreven) wrote,

Ready for an update? Too bad..., it has been awhile since I've updated the ol' place. There hasn't been much that's changed, though thanks to my now being gainlessly employed as a temp at a big ol' dishwasher factory (hint: its name means "vortex"), I'm typing this entry on a brand new ready-made computer. No, no big box Dell for me; I had a friend build it from scratch. It's been running great so far...though I only emphasize "so far".

But enough about my favorite subject (though I talk about myself so infrequently you might think it's been replaced by something else...), there is a small bit of news on the subject of my second-favorite subject, and that would be Senta Moses. She'll be doing an interview with the smarks at Cloverleaf Radio. Though their main draw is wrestling, they do do quite a few interviews with non-wrestling personalities (like the guy who plays "Peggy" in the Discover commercials, one of the guys from Storage Wars, and even Roscoe Orman from Sesame Street). Anyway, the interview I'm interested in will be in this space right here at 6pm Eastern time, 5pm interviewer's time, 3pm interviewee's time on Friday. Be there or be put through a table!
Tags: computer, entertainment, personal, senta
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