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I'm tired, too..., I came across a blog post by someone who calls himself "The Old Jarhead." In it, he says "I'm tired", then lists off about 30 right-wing talking points.

Here is my letter to Mr. Hall:

I'm tired, too.

I'm tired of seeing old Baby Boomers trying to take it all with them to heaven.

I'm tired of the greed and the corporatism that the party you support busted at the turn of last century come alive and well at the turn of this century.

I'm tired of people screaming "COMMUNISM!" at everything the government tries to do to help, while happily throwing their money away to appease their corporate masters. "Obama is evil, but Wal-Mart is just fine!"

I'm tired of people who have way more than is necessary to live comfortably complain about the "laziness" of people living paycheck to paycheck.

I'm tired of people who pay less taxes than any other Americans in the last century (except for the period immediately preceding the Great Depression) form militias to express how they pay too much in taxes.

I'm tired of people who think it's treason to think in ways differing from their own.

I'm tired of faux-nationalists who say they want to "save our country", when they only really want to save their bank accounts.

I'm tired of people who listen to Glenn Beck and take him as the gospel truth, and who never listen to Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow but know, just know, that they are bald-faced liars.

I'm tired of the other faux-nationals who treat their fellow countrymen as though they were subhuman, simply because they dare to speak another language.

I'm tired of bigotry. I'm tired of rabble-rousing. I'm tired of people who can't get the irony of someone sharing their beliefs flying a plane into a building.

In short, I'm tired of people like you, and everyone who agrees with you.
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